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Professional Photography

Duration: 7 months (28 Classes)

Timings: 4 Hours Classes, 1 days per week

Course Description:

If you like taking pictures, a career as a photographer may be for you. This is a cutting edge professional photography course written and directed by some of the best working photographers in their field. The aim of the course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional photographer or as a keen hobbyist. This is an up-to-date and comprehensive course covering every aspect of photography. Photography courses cover technical aspects of handling cameras and taking photographs. Subjects covered in this coursework include applicable photograph techniques, photography history and photography theory.

Outline of the Curriculum:

Principle of Photography

Camera Anatomy, Type and Format

Camera Control and Focusing

Understanding of various kinds of light

How to Judge the subject

Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding Shoot

How to Photograph a Wedding

Designing the album

Basics of Videography

People, Glamour & Fashion Photography

Understanding People, Glamour & Fashion Photography

Working with models Art of Posing

Photo shooting to a concept

Product & Street Photography

Importance of Shadow, Background and Background choosing

Still Life & Product Shoot

Portfolio making


Editing interface and its tools

Important photo correction and Manipulation Techniques

Image Color Balancing and Retouching Methods


  • Photographers use cameras to capture an image. They can work in many different areas and often choose an area to specialize in. Photographers may work for a company, but many freelance. They find assignments by advertising or networking.

  • Portrait photographers take pictures of people and events. They may work out of a studio that people visit. They also travel to events like weddings and meetings. Some portrait photographers specialize in school photos; they travel to schools to take pictures of students on picture day.

  • News photographers, or photojournalists, work for magazines, newspapers, websites and television stations. They photograph current events and use images to convey information to the public. News photographers may work out of local news bureau but they often travel to the site of a breaking news story.

  • Commercial and industrial photographers take pictures for books, magazines and advertisements. These pictures include buildings, archaeological findings, outdoor scenery and consumer goods. Commercial photographers may take pictures for advertising and marketing companies.

  • Fashion photographers photograph models in order to highlight a designer's clothes.

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