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It is a dream of many to become an actor. To be successful in acting one has to passionately follow its dream. Join Zebra Institute – one of the best acting institutes in Kolkata ang get a chance to fulfill your dreams. Zebra Institute has produced some of the biggest celebrities of Bangla Fashion and TV Industry and by joining us you may get the chance to become one of them.

Why is Zebra Institute one of the best Acting Institute?

  • Some of our students are renowned names in TV and Fashion Industry. It is all because of the dedicated all-round training session offered to them in Dancing, Modelling and Acting.
  • At Zebra Institute, we believe in giving equal impetus to practical as well as theoretical classes.
  • Our course fee is highly affordable.
  • Acting is all about communicating with the camera. Our special camera classes help you gain an extra edge over the competitors. We also focus on makeover and grooming so as to help you to present your best.
  • Zebra Institute offers one of the best Portfolios. Our professional faculties help students in developing their professional portfolio which in turn helps them in getting work from reputed production houses.
  • Our state of the art infrastructure is equipped with all the latest accessories, cameras and photo editing softwares.
  • Plus our stylists, setups and regular camera sessions help make students camera ready.
  • The casting directors of different production houses come to our institute for auditioning.
  • Zebra Institute is one of the newest yet renowned Acting Institute in Kolkata. Though we have recently ventured into acting and modelling industry, still we have been an active part of the industry for decades. Some renowned Tollywood celebrities have been our ex-students. The institute is committed to carrying forward its legacy of producing quality students. So, for all those looking forward to ace the acting craft and dreaming to make it big in the future - you are welcome to join Zebra Institute of Acting.
  • Some of the important parts of our curriculum are:
  • Body Language - For an actor or actress, its body language is of utmost importance. Proper body language expresses the feeling without having to communicate. Dialogues without proper body expression look empty and naive. The body language of an actor or actress helps in its overall performance.
  • Body language is all about one's Body Gestures, Body Movements and Facial Expressions.
  • Voice Modulation - Voice is also an important armour of an actor's or actress' craft. An actor is recognised by its voice. Various voice modulation techniques are used to refine the voice to suit different needs.
  • Voice Modulation is all about Voice Range, Pitch, Sound, Clarity etc.
  • Dialogue Delivery - An actor's dialogue delivery plays an important role in shaping its performance. A good actor will feel the dialogues before delivering them.
  • Dialogue delivery includes learning Reginal Languages, Hindi, Urdu and English dictions with proper pronunciation.


  • 216/2F, AJC Bose Road, 1st Floor
  • [email protected]
  • +91 916 3384 527
  • +91 824 0874 284
  • 033 4600 1421

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