Basic of Photography institute near me

Basic of Photography Institute near me

Photography institute near me

Photography institute near me

What is Product Photography?

Photography is an art of observation. Photography is the art or process of capturing images, either on light-sensitive film or electronically in digital form, from which viewable pictures can be produced; activity of someone who uses a camera. Photography is the art, practice or occupation of taking pictures with a camera.

Why You Join Zebra Institute

Have you ever looked at product photography institute near me for commercials shoot and online and wanted to achieve similar results yourself?

Learn how to get started with product photography through this series of introductory classes that cover useful product photography techniques, photography background choices, and more.

These classes show what equipment you’ll need, efficient workflows and even what to charge for your photography.


Bottles & Beverages Photography

From wine bottle photography to clear bottle shots, Karl shares pro secrets for almost any type of bottle shoot.

Learn how to overcome challenges such as lighting and photographing glass with flawless gradients, achieving perfect condensation, enhancing color in liquids like Whisky, Wine, Vodka or Cider.

  • How to photograph drinks/beverages.
  • Also bottle photography ideas and decoration.
  • In fact you will get to know about various types of lenses and equipment for photographing bottles.
  • And you will get a knowledge of backgrounds, props and accessories for shooting bottles.
  • Similarly get to know the lighting techniques for bottle photography.
  • Meanwhile you will learn how to photograph glass, how to control reflections etc.
  • While your practical session you will get to know how to make bottles look cold with perfect condensation
  • Most importantly our faculty will give you tips & tricks for shooting bottles
Food Product Photography

Our classes cover beginner to advanced, from natural light setups in your own home and also advanced studio lighting techniques.

You will learn how to photograph everything from delicate desserts to store-bought pastries. Also our faculty will teach you the powerful techniques which will help you to shoot your own creative ideas with confidence.

  • How to photograph food images.
  • In the first place, you will learn photographing food at home by using natural light.
  • Similarly simple studio lighting setups for food photography
  • In the same you will get a knowledge how to take preparation & styling for food photography
  • Also our faculty will guide you from where to you will find props, backgrounds & accessories for food shoots
  • And our faculty will recommend you the lenses & equipment for the shoot.
  • Equally we will give you a knowledge about the techniques for shooting lifestyle and editorial style food photography with models.
  • Additionally our faculty will clear you concept about creative food photography ideas.
Still Life Photography

Our faculty will teach you various lighting techniques and tips for still-life photography. Also tell you about the start and finishing process of own still-life images.

Through clear teaching methods and numerous examples, you’ll quickly learn how to compose, style, and light artistic still-life images and understand exactly what makes effective imagery.

  • How to shoot still life photography
  • Also you will learn the creating a narrative with your still life photography
  • And our faculty will teach you the creative lighting techniques (including studio flash, speediness, & other light sources).
  • Similarly Composition techniques & tips.
  • Equally important to know the color theory & how to use it for more impact images.
  • In the same way you will learn how to retouching still life photos.
  • Most import our faculty will guide about the fine art & commercial still life ideas.

Cosmetics Shoot

Whether you’re shooting for your own blog or for a professional-client, there’s always a big demand for cosmetic product photography.

But these tiny products can be a challenging subject as they often feature mixed textures and small details.

Learn how to shoot images of make-up and cosmetics. As our faculty will show you how to light small products, uses of lenses for close-up photography, and shares the tips and tricks for cosmetics shoot.

  • How to photograph cosmetics & make-up
  • In details you will learn the creative ideas for cosmetic photography.
  • Also you will learn the lighting techniques for cosmetics
  • And how to control light & reduce reflections in gloss surfaces
  • Similarly you will learn how to photograph small products.
  • In fact faculty will guide you how to focus stacking techniques for greater depth of field
  • Retouching techniques for cosmetic product photography.


Meanwhile there are lots of products that we give our students for practical class . We also setup our studio for practical class with proper backgrounds , lights and setup.

Zebra Institute gives you facilities to practice on field experience and practical training in studio, Zebra Studio

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