Best photography institute in Kolkata

Zebra Institute is one of the best Photography Institutes in Kolkata.

Best photography institute in Kolkata

How is zebra the best photography institute in Kolkata?

The institute boasts of producing a pool of talented photographers since years. One must understand that Photography is an art of observation. It has got nothing to do with what you see and it is all about the way you see it. For all those who love the art of photography and would like to become a master of the art, you have reached the right place – Zebra Institute of Photography.

Zebra Institute teaches the concept of photography starting from the most fundamental level. Our curriculum is an ideal mix of technical as well as artistic aspects of photography skills.

Features of the course :

  • What is DSLR? How to handle a camera?
  • In fact particular in this module faculty teaches you about the basic of DSLR. And the module also helps you to learn the correct way to handle a camera.
  • Also teach you about Lens.
  • Similarly lens is an vital part of photography art. We help you understand different types of lens and their uses. Though one must be able to select the right kind of lens base on the needs.
  • Basic of Exposure
  • Although faculty will teach you how to opening, Shutter Speed and ISO form the basic of exposure. Thus good idea of exposure facts helps you to excel in the craft of photography.
  • Manual Mode Shooting
  • Shooting on a manual mode enables you to explore so much which you can never ever imagine with auto mode.
  • Different types of Focusing Methods
  • The course lists various focusing techniques with their advantages and disadvantages. An expert photographer must select the right kind of focusing technique trust upon the exact needs .

Different types of Modes and Styles

  • There are different types of models available like – Drive Mode, AF Mode etc. The students are also given a basic idea about White Balance and Picture Styles.
  • Tips for various types of Shoots
  • The institute gives you specific tips and guide you how to perform portrait shoot, landscape shoot, product photoshoot, fashion shoot, event shoot, moving object’s shoot, night shoot etc. Direct  training in different category helps you to gain an vision into the real world of photography in Zebra Studio
  • Photo creation.
  • Photo creation is one of the most important part of a photographer’s job. The faculty guide us about different creative basic of photo creation.

Zebra Institute of Photography try to produce students who can excel in each and every field of photography – be it still shoot or a moving one, be it a product shoot or an event one i.e from anything in photography to everything in photography. The course motivate each and every single person  to turn their passion into  photography field.

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