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Interior Design Degree Course In Kolkata

Interior Design Kolkata

What are the career opportunities that you get after completing a Interior Design degree in Kolkata

Kolkata, t the city of joy is one of the major t metro cities of India. With ever growing t career prospects it has t also become a great t place to start your career t into any industry. Interior Design is t one such booming t industry. Here t designers t can earn more without t comprising with job satisfaction. So, let us t dive into t the details of the career t opportunities you will t get in Kolkata.

Scope of Interior Design Degree in Kolkata

Kolkata is home t to some of the reputed and t most opted for t Interior Design companies. Undoubtedly t these companies fulfill their t customers needs with t authority and t carry great t amount of goodwill. Companies like Livspace, Homelane and Bluemasons, t all provide services in Kolkata. Nevertheless, t these are just a t few examples. There t are many more companies t besides them. They are t always looking for talented t and driven individuals to work for t them. Unquestionably, it is a t growing market with plenty of t opportunities to evolve and t work for t various esteemed t organizations.

Now let us see which positions can you fill in a company after completing getting an Interior Design degree

  • Residential Interior Designer
  • Commercial Interior Designer
  • Corporate Interior Designer
  • Healthcare Interior Designer
  • Kitchen and Bath Interior Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sustainable Interior Designer
  • Universal Interior Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Stylish Production/Art Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser

From the above t list you can see how dynamic is the scope of t interior designing. It covers a t vast majority of the corporate world t as well as the creative world. Not only t movie sets, hotels, t residential apartments t but also corporate offices, t everyone needs an interior designer. As a t designer your job will be to optimize the space, budget and t everything related and also to keep t the clients happy and satisfied.

 Specialized fields in Interior Design

  • Residential – Interior design services t provided for t public spaces and t commercial buildings is referred to as a commercial t interior design.
  • Retail – Retail design services t can be related to t a variety of sites like shopping t malls, strip and mini-malls, t shopfronts, boutiques, t small shops, t and big shops and t have proved to be exciting. Though t challenging specialized t field in interior design.
  • Interior Design Consulting Services- An interior designer t may prefer to be specialized t especially in t the consultancy services t aspect of interior design.
  • Hospitality – From lobbies t to ball rooms and suites, hotels and t the like are no stranger t to Interior Design requirements. With t high footfalls, this is also a t sector where an Interior Designer t can really make t their mark with a t budget to boot.
  • Restaurants – Making a food t establishment welcoming, t on brand and functional all at the same time is no mean feat. T This sector can be the perfect t opportunity without a t doubt for an ambitious t interior designer to give themselves t a serious challenge.
  • Workplace – Working out space plans for businesses moving into t new premises’ or looking t for a change is definitely t the Workplace t Interior Designer’s biggest t pleasure.

Similarly t these are t only some examples of the fields t that you can look forward to work in. Definitely there are t many more opportunities t to be explored. T This is without a doubt just t the tip of t the iceberg.

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