Career scope after fashion design course in Kolkata

Fashion Design Course

Fashion design kolkataWhat is the scope after doing a fashion design course in Kolkata?

The fashion scene in Kolkata is as diverse as the city itself. A career in Fashion Designing is undoubtedly a good choice as the fashion industry has gain popularity and reached its peak. But its a very competitive sector where you need an ace up your sleeve to stay ahead of others. And what might that ace be? Well look no further, a course in fashion designing will definitely help you reach your full potential and make you great designer in your own right.

Scope of fashion designing in Kolkata

Kolkata is home to some of the greatest and innovative designers in the fashion scene. Designers like Abhishek Dutta, Paromita Banerjee and many more. They all have started their career from Kolkata, and see where they are now. Moreover, the greater surprise is yet to come. The world renowned Fashion Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is also from Kolkata and studied and worked here before he went to Bollywood and made it big. You can also be one of them, just aim for bigger things. Kolkata is and always has been a hotbed of talent. So, what can you expect after completing a fashion design course in Kolkata? Lets take a look!

Career scope after completing a fashion design course

Fashion Designer

Fashion Blogger/ Content creator

Costume Designer in Movies

Fashion Consultant

Fashion Director

Personal Stylist

Technical Designer

Teaching Fashion Design


Clearly, you can see how vast is the scope of fashion design in Kolkata. With plenty of studios, fashion houses and designers, you are undoubtedly bound for success by choosing this field. But you obviously need guidance to navigate this vast field. That is why we recommend you to get certified. You can do this by completing a course from a reputed institution.

Look no further, Zebra institute provides everything you need to face the challenges of the ever growing fashion industry. By completing our Fashion Designing Course you will get excellent facilities and expert faculty members who will help you reach your full potential. So, don’t waste time and check it out now.

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