Photography Course Kolkata Fees!

Photography course Kolkata

Photography course Kolkata

Having such a question in mind clearly indicates that you want to pursuing Photography passion as a career. Rather it’s just a hobby but build it as your career from our institute. Come to our institute and observe the best Photography course Kolkata fees structure of our institute will attract you to grow your future with your passion.

A mobile phone camera and even the best ones stand nowhere in comparison to the DSLR. Let’s just checkout the most fundamental differences between mobile phone cameras and DSLR in our institute. We will help you to understand the difference and feel the photography skills with us in our Own studio.


  • Sensors – Sensors are one thing where mobile phone cameras behave dreadfully. Unlike DSLR cameras, mobile phone cameras have very tiny sized sensors and that’s why most of the low light photos suck when taken from mobile phone cameras.
  • Autofocus – To feel the difference between a mobile phone’s autofocus and a DSLR’s autofocus you must use a DSLR with a great autofocus facility. A smartphone in comparison to a DSLR takes ages to focus and does it fairly inconsistently in low light.
  • Speed – This creates a hell of a difference between the two. A smartphone camera takes time to load the camera app and then some additional time takes for auto focus thing. On the other hand a DSLR is ready to use in just a moment.
  • Processor – A mobile phone Processor is much less photographically efficient compared to a DSLR Processor. A DSLR processor helps autofocus, Color reproduction, artefact correction, noise correction etc.
  • Flash – A mobile camera flash is an LED with a much shorter range. A DSLR camera flash is a Xenon with much larger range and it imparts much more light compared to a mobile phone camera flash.

Photography course kolkata fees – Career:

We also helps in some of the most basic shortcomings of a mobile phone camera when compared to a DSLR. Hence, for all those who are looking for some serious Photography goals buy a DSLR and enroll with our Zebra Institute Photography Training Program.

Zebra institute offers you opportunity to grow and practice your photography skills in Zebra Studio.

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