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Zebra Institute - The best institute for pursuing commercial level photography courses in Kolkata

A decade ago photography was seen as a hobby but in recent times a lot of people have taken to it as a full-fledged profession and they have been successful too. For all those looking to edge out a career in Commercial Photography course in Kolkata, it is important to learn the fundamentals of photography.

Just like all other courses, there are several institutes in Kolkata offering courses on Commercial Photography. These courses help you groom yourself to understand the basic aspects of photography. Zebra Institute of Photography in Kolkata offers short term as well as long term courses on Commercial Photography. The professional training program channelises your passion for art so as to help you become a successful commercial photography expert. So, for all those wanting to become a successful commercial photographer, take the first step and enroll yourself at Zebra Institute in Kolkata.

Zebra Institute has been established only a few years ago at Kolkata. But we have been credited with producing successful commercial photography professionals in Kolkata. The experience of our faculties coupled with our fundamentally strong course curriculum has played a tremendously important role in shaping the careers of commercial photography aspirants at our institute. Our best of the best faculties show the correct path to you to become a successful commercial photographer. Our faculties form the foundation of the institute as they help you gain an in-depth knowledge of the photography field.

We at Zebra Institute of Commercial Photography in Kolkata believe in organising regular workshops where we invite expert professionals from outside to interact with our students on a regular basis. These interactive workshops conducted by renowned commercial photography professionals form an integral part of our commercial photography course and these are of tremendous help to all our students. The students get to learn from them as they share their experiences and challenges of a real-time environment. These experts also provide them with guidance on preparing a portfolio. A successful career is all about taking the right steps at the right time.

Zebra Institute in Kolkata does not just believe in training its students and leaving them to fend for themselves. We provide 100% placement assistance. We have guided our students for appropriate internship opportunities in the field of Commercial Photography. Our state of the art studio in the city of Kolkata equipped with the latest technologies helps students gain hands-on experience in working with different types of cameras and lenses. These internship opportunities and practical training programs help in effective learning for a student pursuing commercial photography course.

The institute, located in the heart of Kolkata also organises regular outdoor visits which prepare students for outdoor shoots. The course helps the students to learn to work with natural lighting. These way students get to learn in different working environments, which forms an important part of learning commercial photography .

Zebra Institute of Commercial Photography in Kolkata offers a varied duration of course. Our courses range from short term to long term ones. Our course duration varies from 3 months to 1 year. Students may select a program join as per their requirement.

You can connect with us before you shortlist any of the course specified in our website. This way we will be able to guide you in the best possible way for a successful career ahead in the field of commercial photography in Kolkata.


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