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Details about Zebra Institute's Modeling Training Program

Today, modeling as a career options is at an all time high. Any kind of advertising - be it digital media or print media - requires smart and presentable models. Zebra Institute's modeling training program comprises of fundamentals of the modeling subject. You get to learn everything in details - grooming, presentation, personality development, makeup etc.

  • Our modeling training program consists of the following:
  • One of the most important things for a model is its posture. Zebra Institute helps teach about different poses and postures in details.
  • In the profession of modeling, its body is its biggest asset and it must be taken care of properly. Body Care - be it skin care or nail care or hair care - forms an important part of our modeling training program.
  • Makeup and Grooming are the fundamentals of our modeling training program.
  • A model's personality is its biggest USP. The personality development sessions are an integral part of Zebra Institute's modeling course.
  • Effective Speech and Voice Projection improves the overall presentation of a model.
  • If you love the camera, the camera loves you back. It's as simple as that. The students are given knowledge about camera movements in details. We also help build a professional portfolio of individual students which helps them in presenting themselves to several producers and directors out there.
  • Modeling in Groups and Pairs is as important as modeling alone. To standout while modeling in a group without overdoing is a very important thing. Our modeling training program helps you perform in a team along keeping your identity intact.
  • The course offers you with multiple fascinating career options. You can work as a model for ramp walks or product photo shoots or even video commercials. A few passionate ones even end up getting a chance in much coveted film industry.
  • Our basic eligibility criterion is that the student must have completed primary school.


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