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Diploma in Acting in Kolkata

Diploma in Acting in Kolkata

Our Diploma in Acting in Kolkata is a widely acclaimed one and has gone on to become one of the most pursued acting courses in Eastern India. This diploma in acting in Kolkata is a highly compelling and challenging courses.

What is the basic eligibility criteria for pursuing Diploma in Acting in Kolkata?

What you need is energy, passion and commitment for learning the craft of acting. Of course you don’t need any University degree or acting experience. Our diploma in acting in Kolkata is best for students willing to start from the scratch. The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing this Diploma in Acting in Kolkata is willingness to work hard.

Details of the course of Diploma in Acting in Kolkata:

Our course has been specifically designed to include different types of projects and exercises to help you bring one step closer to your goals. The course is a highly intensive one which packs more punch than any normal 2 year acting course. Let us take you through some of our empowering techniques used in this Diploma course:

1) Mostly practical way of learning through different kinds of exercises and projects.

2) with regular practice day in and day out through back to back practical sessions, you are bound to gain an immense understanding of physical, vocal, mental and emotional skills

3) This Diploma in Acting in Kolkata includes the following – Dance, Script Reading, Filming scenes using international techniques.

4) Get to perform in live projects where student serve as writers and actors both.

5) An extensive 6 month diploma in acting in Kolkata.

6) We normally train in Hindi or Bengali. But we are open to accepting groups from other regional places also where we can design the program tailored to your needs – duration, language and location.

This course of Diploma in Acting in Kolkata teaches acting skills which involves well developed imagination, a mix of different kinds of emotions, physical expressions, vocal projection, speech clarity and modulation and an ability to interpret drama. As a part of the course, we have specialised faculties training in different domains like acting, personality development, grooming etc.

Career scope for Diploma in Acting in Kolkata:

Students pursuing this course of Diploma in Acting in Kolkata may go for:

1) Music videos
2) TVs
3) Films
4) Ads
5) Stage Shows
6) Web Series
7) Documentaries
8) Short films etc.

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