Fashion Designing Course features by Zebra Institute

Fashion Designing Course Features By Zebra Institute

Fashion Designing Course

Why choose Zebra Institute for a Fashion Designing Course?

Fashion design is the art of designing of new cloths and its ornaments. In addition to create new designing dresses with their own creative skill. Fashion design is also changing according to the time and also from location to location. It not only reflects different range of social world but also in cultural society. Nowadays, Fashion Designing is becoming one of the top career choices in the youth. Though Fashion design is also becoming popular among crowd. Also its a highly competitive industry which has a wide range of opportunities both in India as well as worldwide. In fact Zebra Institute offers fashion designing courses to help student for their bright future.

Details of the Fashion Designing Course offered by Zebra Institute

Getting a professional certificate in fashion designing course is not an easy task. So, to make it simple  Zebra institute offers you an advance course in Fashion Designing. It will help you to reach a professional platform as well as meet your personal goals. This course assure your entry in the field of Fashion Design. So the Zebra institute make this course easy for everyone. And this 2 year course will help you to get your foot in the door of the industry. Finally, lets look at the features.

1st Year

Semester I

Design Concept

Color Concept

Fashion  Drawing- (I)

Pattern Making- (I)

Garment making- (I)

Starting of Computer Basic mathematics

Textile Studies

Semester II

Drawing and application

Basic of fashion and principle of design


Garment making

Types of Textile

Portfolio growth– (I)

2nd Year

Semester III

Client demand and range growth

Fashion  Sketch- (II)


Elements of Textile- (III)

Garment Building– (II)

History of Western dress– (I)

Marketing Research and survey


Outer design

Portfolio Growth– (II)

Semester IV

History of Indian dresses

Fashion drawing– (III)

Fashion survey and promoting

Costing principle and garment costing

History of Western dresses– (II)

Expert Management and proofs

Product growth, universal fashion center


Portfolio Growth– (III)


So, these were all the features you get after joining the course. Since designers need to be up to date on various trends. In fact our institute  provide latest and trending technologies to keep you up to date. Obviously, Fashion Design is a wide concept. Nevertheless, we have feature our course to make it easier for  understanding the course smoothly. Also our faculties will help you to learn the course properly. Furthermore, Zebra Institute will also assist you in getting placements in the fashion world.

Zebra Institute will help you to grow in the fashion world. In fact, the course is cheap and also get  success in career. Although our institute offers best Fashion Designing Course in Kolkata. And we also help you to get placements in fashion industry. Simultaneously zebra will help you to find your dream job. So, visit our institute and know more about the course.