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Interior Designing Courses Features / Structures!

Interior designing coursesWhat are the Interior design course features in Zebra Institute?

It is a question that every aspiring Interior Designer should ask before joining any course. What are its features?, why should I choose for it?, why should I choose it over any other course available?

Whereas, in Zebra Institute we have answers to all the above questions, unlike other institute. We offer  the most popular and suitable techniques. And also guide them how to apply the techniques practically, into the growth of their professional career. The art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishes. Zebra Institute offers undoubtedly the best Interior Design Course in Kolkata.

Features of the Interior designing courses

Firstly, the total duration of the course is 2 years. In each year, there are 2 semesters. Finally, in the end of each semester there are practical application of the skills learned. Each of these semesters have unique subjects and skills to offer. We target especially the necessary and proper aspects of Interior Design.

Here is a presentation of what you are to expect after joining us

1st year

Semester I 
Basic with Interior Design

Firstly, the faculty will be introduced to the students. Then we will teach you how to represent interior design. We will discuss with you about different types of  objects related to interior design. In fact our faculty will explain  you about  interior course. Faculty  will also teach on the budget aspect of design. Secondly, you will learn how to the concepts of line, form, shape, color, texture and scale. Then you will learn how to apply basic of interior design and simple geometric shapes in day to day activities. We will also brush up your drawing skills.

We will clear your concept of mark along with imperial units. Discuss with the  other related topics will be covered in this module. We will also show you different ways to measure.

We will guide you on how measurements are different for every material.

Here we will focus on style as well as we will be guiding you through the historical Renaissance style. The upbeat styles of Baroque in addition to Rococo will also be a part of this module.

This module is dedicated to harmony, rhythm, proportion, balance as well as power. You will learn mathematical concepts like Golden mean rectangle and golden ratio. In addition to the above we will also focus on base area, floor area and carpet areas.

Firstly, the focus will be on Building planning & layout. Then, this module will focus especially on the Master’s and Children’s Bedrooms. Students will also learn about designing the drawing rooms here. Furthermore, Dining room and all related topics will definitely be covered in this module.

We will focus on stairs and staircases in this module. We will guide you on different types of stairs like straight flight, quarter turn, half turn in addition to curve & doorway. Secondly, learn about materials for stairs and different types of stairs. Obviously many other topics related to stairs will be discussed.

We will show you different types of shafts in building like lift shafts, utility shafts. Secondly, the basics things of an elevator as well as escalators. In addition to all this, a Guest lecture will also be apart of this module.


Moreover, We will develop your sense of color and texture through this module.


Finally, you will apply all the skills you have learnt practically.

Semester II

You will gain knowledge on different types of building material like cement, sand, stone and bricks as well as lime, concrete, concrete blocks, wood & timber, plywood.

We will show you the difference between Load carriage and non-load carriage walls along with partition walls and there types and material. Moreover, Cut back wall & its concepts, brick bonding in wall and concepts of brick work will also be covered.

This module is dedicated only to ceilings.

Paints are without a doubt one of the most important topics in interior design. You will learn everything related to paints as well as wall finish in this module.

Learn about different types of door, windows and there uses. Along with standard sizes and locations of doors & windows and many more.

Learn about concept of wooden joints, along with different types of wooden joints.

We will teach you about different types of furnish like pelmets, curtains and photo frames.

Like we have stated above, we will also train you in marketing. Firstly, we will teach you concepts of marketing and selling. Secondly, we will train you in the about  Marketing portion. Finally, we also tell you about customer pleasure.

Concept of a commercial building planning

We will guide you more about building planning & layout.

We will train you about the  in a software called CAD. Moreover you will be taught column, beam, lintel details with increase, length detailing along with brick bonds and doors & windows.

Finally, just like Semester I you will apply all the skills you have learnt practically.

2nd year

Semester III

Obviously, as the name suggests we will teach you about building planning & layout.

It is undoubtedly one of the most important topics covered by our course. Here you will learn about columns, beams, slabs and lintels, in addition to curve, porch, balcony and open terrace.

We will guide you about different materials in this module such as Plastic, Glass, Paints, Gypsum etc and related products.

Here you will know what makes an Interior Designer a professional. Rate & different roles of Interior Designers and will  explained to you in great detail. Especially Modern Interior Design features will be taught by our faculty. Furthermore, you will get to know what are the Legal Burden of an Interior Designer. Moreover, Designer vs Client agreement will be focused upon. We will provide you with additional plans & career tips.

What are the ingredients of paints?, how many types of paints are there?, many more questions besides this will be answered by our faculty in this module. In addition to that we will also focus on painting process and defects & remedies.

We will guide you how to protect a building from dampness as well other problems in this module.

Our faculty will teach you the understand different types of floors and flooring materials in addition to textures & color selection of floor material. Furthermore, factors affecting choice of floors.

Clearly, the name suggests what to expect from this module.

You will come to know the space sizing of human body & movement. Moreover, the basic principal of measurement and how to design furniture in order to rate wasted efforts and stress.

Comfortable design has always been a part of design. Our faculty will show you the relation between man, machine & environment with furniture design. And finally, benefits of furniture with comfort designs.

Here we will cover topics like rate of a high building for Interior design along with estimation of a showroom building for Interior design.

Landscape constructive, landscape planning will be covered in this module. Apart from this, water bodies as well as open lawns and Open drawing will be focused on.

Eco-friendly Interior design

We will guide you how to use environment friendly interior design planning and layouts.

We will teach you about basic of CAD and tell you how to apply it.

Semester IV

We will tell you about the vastu and discuss with you the details. Also guide you how top execute it.


We will teach you how to Present drawings to a client.

Fire Fighting Systems

We will clear your concepts on fire fighting grouping for commercial buildings, fire fighting tools, as well as anti fire construction and materials.

You will know more about occurrence & power of sound, sound absorbing materials & there uses.

Our faculty will guide you in electrical tools planning and furthermore in electrical wiring layout.

You will learn about different types of ventilation i.e. natural & artificial.

A clear concept in lighting is definitely a plus point for any designer. Here you will know the application of lights and the position of the source in addition to use of daylight & artificial light. Not only that, but also relationship between light & color and different types of artificial lighting.

Every professional designer needs to have an idea to work with plumbers in this field. Our faculty give you a concept of  water supply system of a building in addition to pipeline network of a building. Furthermore, waste water control system of a building and  you will understand the concept of a septic tank.

Here are some rules & regulations that you have to follow to become a better designer . You have to know the proper code of conduct. Factor of survey is also one of the important topics to be covered in our course. Then faculty will focus on marketing aspect of interior design with various topics like Marketing survey Review, Concept & Need Of Marketing Research and Methods Of Marketing research & check.

Students will be a part of a marketing survey for opinion.


You have to submit a project to show your skills.

This practical session will happen but with more advanced suggestion.

We will teach you advance level  of CAD.

This will conclude your training. Then you will become a certified Interior Designer, and ready to take  step in the the industry by storm.

Zebra Institute offers you a all-in-one package of whatever there is to learn about Interior Design. So, do not waste time and register your name in our institute for  Interior Design Course and get success in this field.

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