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How do I become a model in Kolkata?

For a successful modelling career anywhere - be it Kolkata or any other place - it's sheer hardwork that can help you.

One of the most important and basic step that can help you have a successful career is opting for a good modelling Institute. A good modelling Institute hones your overall personality along with modelling training.

After the completion of modelling training program, Zebra Institute helps you with a professional portfolio development. We can also help you shortlist good modelling agencies. Take care to not fall into the trap of fraudsters.

To make it big against all the odds, you must keep your values intact and keep practising till you succeed.

Your selection anywhere is entirely dependent on your portfolio shoot. So, it is a very important task to decide as to whom you’re getting your portfolio shoot from. We at Zebra Institute help you in preparing your portfolio shoot. Before proceeding ahead with any kind of commitment, we discuss the costumes and style that is going to be worn by you. This helps you in getting an idea about the portfolio shoot and you can embrace yourself accordingly for the shoot.

Our teachers and in house stylists help you prepare yourself with the photo shoot by styling your costumes so as to enhance your overall personality. And most importantly modeling as a career choice is a sporadic one. You do not have to leave your existing career option to continue with modeling. It requires you to be engaged only at specific times. You can time your shoots or auditions as per your convenient timings so as to avoid any kind of disruption of your existing work.

  • There are some prerequisites required to become a model. You must have the following qualities in yourself if you want to become a successful one.
  • Undettered passion: Modelling is an art that requires you to be immensely passionate about it. Beautiful looks, good body features and underlying passion are sure shot formula for successful modelling career.
  • Personality: Successful models across the world are not necessarily good looking. An amazing personality and good bodily mannerisms are some must have qualities of celebrated models.
  • High on Confidence: A model should feel and look confident while wearing any kind of clothing. A successful model should be able to carry any kind of dress with ease and confidence. 
  • Camera Friendlyness: A model's one of the most primary quality is its camera friendlyness. A model's success depends on a lot on its ease of facing with camera. A model must be successful while facing camera and should be able to give excellent poses and a verity of expressions. 
  • Professional Portfolio: A professional portfolio by Zebra Institute can create a much needed difference in your career. A professional photoshoot is one of the most important assets of your professional career. Carrying your professional portfolio is a must whenever you fo dor any casting or auditions. 
  • Punctuality: Not being punctualis one thing which can seriously break your modeling career even before ittakes off. So, punctuality is one of the most important qualities of being a successful model. 
  •  Excellent resume: Your resume should be able to present all your dynamic statistics (as in your body details) and a short description about yourself and a good and smart reason as to why do you think you suit a particular modeling assignment. Your resume should also inform about your past activities like your dancing and drama skills, any past modeling,acting assignments etc.


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