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How is Zebra Institute's Photography Training Program for anyone who wants to learn photography?

We at Zebra Institute have never believed in self boasting. Zebra Institute always believes in its work speaking for itself. So, let us hear from our students only.

Mr. Monojit Halder, a freelance wedding photographer

"I have completed my photography training from the esteemed Zebra Institute and I would like to recommend them to all upcoming photographers. Their course helps your make your fundamentals strong in a very short span of time. Location is one of their biggest plus as they are located in the heart of the city at AJC Bose Road, The faculties here are top notch and they provide your with flexible timings as per your feasibility. "

Ms. Avisha Gala, a freelance photographer

"Getting myself admitted in Zebra Institute was surely a life changing decision for me. it helped me change my perception of photography. It helped me learn about the camera in the best possible way. It taught me what all can a camera do. The institute provides you practical as well as theoretical knowledge. The environment is totally jovial and makes learning fun . I would say that it is the best place to grow the photographer inside you. "

Mr. Abhishek Poddar, a fashion photographer

"Photography training program at Zebra Institute is a perfect composition of all of them - practicals, theorticials and outdoor visits. The faculties allow each and every one to interact in a free way so that all the doubts get cleared. The photography course at Zebra Institute allows the students to gain confidence to take up commercial projects on their own. "

Ms. Subhra Bhattacharjee, a photographer working with a reputed Ad Agency

"I was already into photography when I joined Zebra Institute. I had been doing lots of small photography assignments. But none of them very professionally fulfilling. So I decided to go for an advanced level photography course at Zebra Institute and it taught me a lot of things which were not known to me earlier. You should definitely join Zebra Institute's advanced level photography training program if you want to become a "professional photographer". "


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