Course for Photography!

course for photography

Which institute in Kolkata of course for photography in India?

We are specialists in affordable and good quality Photography in India. We have worked for the topmost clients in India for their product photo shoot. Most important all our photographers are highly talented and experienced in this profession. You can check our websites and social sites. Also we are sure you will get more interest on by our creativity and works. Join Photography course in Zebra Institute for boast your career and also create your photography profile.

What is the description of the Photography Course?

Photography courses enable the candidates to understand the utility of different camera parts, working out the lights while clicking pictures and the art of taking candid shots. Other aspects that the candidates can learn from the program are studio lighting, portrait photography and designing portfolios. The aim of the course is to provide you with knowledge and also the skills required for a career as a professional photographer. Subjects covered in this course work include applicable photograph techniques , photography history, photography theory , practical etc.

Course for Photography details:

  • The photography course at Zebra Institute constitutes everything – from the very basic to the advanced.
  • We also helps to prepare a strong base for all its students in the field of photography.
  • In fact photography is an amazing combination of technology and aesthetics.
  • Also the institute believes that it is important for students to learn the most basic aspects of photography .And in order to apply the best possible available technology to their creativity to produce the best aesthetic output.
  • Similarly Zebra Institute endeavors to produce technologically and aesthetically good students who can excel in all genres of photography.
  • Undoubtedly students get to learn different photography genres like – Wildlife Photography, Scenic Photography, Product Photography, Event Photography, Fashion Photography, Advertising Photography etc.
  • Of course Zebra is highly affordable and we invite renowned photographers for guest lecture which helps student gain an insight into challenges faced in the professional world of photography.
  • According to the course we provide both theory and practical classes.
  • In the mean time we provide practical classes in our Zebra Studio to give the real studio knowledge.


  • Portrait photographers
  • Freelance Photographers
  • Photo journalism
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Commercial Photographers
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Industrial Photographers
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