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Duration: 3 months
Timings: 4 Hours, 1 day per week

Course Description:

Have you ever wanted to be a makeup & hair styling artist to the stars? Well now with our makeup & hair styling course you can. Our professional Make Up & Hair Styling course is designed for those who are looking to start a career in Make Up & Hair Styling or those who wish to further develop existing professional Make Up & Hair Styling skills. There is so much to discover in the world of Make Up & Hair Styling. We have found a passion for Make Up & Hair Styling that can teach you the skills and knowledge that you will need to master, in order to embark on a career in this demanding industry. The professional course will provide a detailed introduction to key areas of Skin Care, Make Up & Hair Styling.

Outline of the Curriculum:

  • Basic Make Up
  • Wedding Make Up
  • Party Make Up
  • Fashion Make Up
  • Professional Hair Styling
  • Wedding Hair Styling
  • Party Hair Styling
  • Fashion Hair Styling


  • There are a lot of career options if you’re a Make-Up & Hair Styling artist. You always have an option of starting your own parlor which provides you with a great opportunity to start your own venture.
  • If you’re really talented and have the zeal to work full-time on a platform that showcases your true talent, you should get on board with Fashion Industry.
  • Make-Up & Hair Styling artists can work at salons, spas, retail and departmental stores, bridal boutiques and so many more types of businesses.
  • Many Make-Up & Hair Styling professionals are freelancers because the work is so portable, and choose to market themselves as specialists in weddings and special events, mortuary makeup, photo shoots, runway models, film and television, live theater, and special effects, among others.
  • The most common industries where Make-Up & Hair Styling artists work in, are the motion pictures and video industries, personal care services, performing arts companies, television broadcasting, and amusement parks and arcades.

success is

40% institute training + 55% commitment + 5% candidates's luck !


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