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What is the fees for Makeup Artist Course and Hair Styling Courses in Kolkata?

The makeup industry has seen a tremendous rise and this has led to a sudden increase in demand for professional makeup artists in the industry. The ever-expanding makeup industry has been observing a huge gap between demand and supply of pro makeup artists. For all those looking to seek a career in the makeup industry, the wait ends here with Zebra Institute - one of the best makeup institutes in Kolkata with affordable fees.

Some of the biggest USPs of Zebra Studio's makeup courses are:

  • Certified Courses - Zebra Institute's certified diploma makeup courses are known for their excellence throughout Kolkata and hence one you join the academy for Makeup courses, you have a high chance of becoming a pro Makeup artist.
  • Stunning Creation - You get a chance to create stunning looks with your professional makeup tools. Hence, get a chance to become a renowned makeup artist.
  • Latest Makeup Technology - Zebra Institute's makeup course in Kolkata presents its students with the latest makeup products and technologies. This helps you with increment in your knowledge of using makeup products. These latest makeup technologies and products help you in creating the most beautiful of the looks. We specialise in creating the best of the best Makeup artists in the city.
  • Affordable Fee Structure - Zebra Institute of Makeup and Hair Styling is known for its reasonable fee structure.

Here's presenting to you a list of the professional makeup courses at Zebra Institute:

  • Bridal Makeup Courses: Most of the brides hire a professional makeup artist for their special day. They want to look most beautiful on this day. Hiring a bridal makeup artist on their special day makes them free from stress. These days bridal makeup artists are in huge demand for all the brides wanting to look special on their wedding day.
  • Our bridal makeup course in Kolkata constitutes of the following things primarily:
  • Product Knowledge
  • Colour Theory
  • Bridal Makeup Looks

The Institute is sure to create veteran professional makeup artists who are able to create stunning bridal looks at a feasible course fee.

  • Airbrush Makeup Courses: Airbrush Makeup is one of the trendiest makeup styles for its lightness and longevity. The makeup artists get a chance to learn about different airbrush tools and airbrush makeup looks.
  • 360 Degree Makeup Course: Zebra Institute's comprehensive makeup course in Kolkata mainly constitutes of the following:
  • Learning the basics of Makeup
  • Learning Beauty Makeup Artistry - Become a Makeup Artist
  • Learning Advanced Beauty Makeup Artistry - Become an Advanced Makeup Artist
  • This course with a very reasonable fee structure prepares the students in a 360 degree way by comprehensively covering all the makeup techniques and latest makeup tools. The course enables a makeup artist to create any kind of makeup looks with nothing less than excellence.
  • Hair Styling Course: The course is an ideal one for all those wishing to become an expert in hairstyling. This hairstyling course in Kolkata enhances your skill sets and makes you a veteran in creating hairstyles for different multiple occasions.
  • Eye Makeup Courses: A good eye makeup can enhance any makeup. Zebra Institute provides one of the best makeup courses and has produced some of the best makeup artists in Kolkata. Our expert makeup faculties coupled will teach you the most pronounced eye makeup techniques such as cat's eye, smokey eye etc. One of the biggest USPs of this course is its reasonable fee structure.
  • So, for all those dreaming to become a successful makeup artist in reasonable fees, your wait ends here with Zebra Institute. To book your seat, contact us.


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