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Modeling academy in Kolkata

Best Modeling academy in Kolkata?

1) To become a successful professional model you have to follow few things:

 That is very important for become a successful model such as :-

  1. Grooming – Grooming is the first thing to create your personality. Zebra Institute guide you from the beginning. Our faculty will give you diet chart, guide you how to take care of your skin , hair , nails etc.
  2. Print or Still shoot – Another important thing is to know various types of poses and expressions which will help you to do different types of shoots. Like Branded shoots, glamorous shoots, fashionable shoots and etc. Our faculty will guide you and will give you practical classes with real studio set up so that you can practice it professionally.
  3. Walks – Apart from grooming and print or still shoot another important thing that you must have knowledge that is types of walk. If you participate in a fashion show you need to know how to do ramp walk, catwalk, and types of choreography. Zebra institute give you studio setup for your better performance.

(2) A professional model must be camera friendly because there will be different types of shoot in front of the camera. so model have that friendliness with the camera. Zebra Institute provides real studio set up to make their students camera friendly through practical class

.(3) A professional model have good behavior when she / he will communicate with other people. During our classes faculty will guide students how to behave in the film industry. And how they will get chances and work from the film industry.

How Zebra became the best Modeling academy in Kolkata!

Zebra is the best modeling academy in Kolkata because of few things:-

  1. a) Our faculties guide students from basic to end so that students can establish themselves in the film industry.
  2. b) Zebra Institute provides practical classes with real studio setup
  3. c) Zebra Institute gives best opportunities to the students for encouraging them and helps to create their career paths.

Join the best Modeling academy and Achieve your Goals.

Zebra Institute will guide you and help you to build your career.  Groomed you properly, trained you how to do print shoot and types of walks. Also provide you practical classes with real studio set. After completing your course, Zebra will give you opportunities and help you to create your own personality in the film industry.

We help our students to practice and grow in modeling by offering them professional model shoot experience in Zebra Studio.

Zebra Institute