Did Zebra provide Photography Part Time Courses?

photography part time courses

Photography part time courses in Kolkata.

Join Part Time  Photography Course in our Zebra Institute, Learn and improve your skills with Placements and Practical supports.

What is the description of the Photography Course?

Photography courses enable the candidates to understand the utility of different camera parts, working out the lights while clicking pictures and the art of taking candid shots. Other aspects that the candidates can learn from the program are studio lighting, portrait photography and designing portfolios. The aim of the course is to provide you with knowledge and also the skills required for a career as a professional photographer. Subjects covered in this course work include applicable photograph techniques , photography history, photography theory , practical etc.

How to join photography part time courses?

When it comes to  photography as a career choice. And 3 Idiots played a damn big role in driving Photography as a full time career choice. The movie shows the dilemma of a student who has to choose between his passion of Photography and Engineering studies.
There has been a tremendous growth in advertising sector and this propelled the Photography career into a mainstream career option. Therefore, there are several institutes in the city who teach Photography. The   Zebra Institute is best photography institute in Kolkata. Contact Zebra institute and enroll your future for photography part time course.

Course Duration:-

Zebra Institute provides 7 months of photography courses. And during the course you will get practical classes with real studio setup. Also get an opportunity to do the practical classes with renowned models from film industry. Zebra Institute works with an aim to provide short term photography courses to the students. And help them hone their craft. In fact students can enroll themselves in person or online according to their convenience. Their flexible class timings and location advantage are their biggest pulse point. And help them to make Zebra Institute the most popular Photography Institute in Kolkata.

Professional Photography Course Details:-
  • Zebra Institute provides photography class from basic to advance level.
  • Firstly we give our students a clearance of camera anatomy, type, format , how to control and focus etc.
  • We also make clear about the various types of lights like indoor and outdoor lights, also teach them how to judge the subject.
  • Besides this we teach then product photography, street photography , people glamour fashion photography , wedding photography etc.
  • Lastly we clear their concept of editing. Faculty also guide them the various types of soft wares and their features briefly.
  • During the Wedding photography portion we setup our Zebra Studio in real wedding ceremony and we teach them everything in details.
  • Also we invite our students in real wedding ceremony for practical classes.
  • Most importantly we hire renowned models from film industry for practical class of model shoot.
  • In fact after completion of the course students will get opportunities from us.
Career :-
  • Portrait photographers
  • Freelance Photographers
  • Photo journalism
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Commercial Photographers
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Industrial Photographers

Our institute gives you opportunity for photography in our Zebra Studio.

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