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Zebra Institute is a renowned Photography School in Kolkata. We offer several short-term and long-term diploma photography courses. Zebra School of Photography offers short term photography diploma courses. The course constitutes am easy to understand and quick to learn a curriculum that gives ample opportunity to develop photography skills and techniques in a limited time. Become an ace photographer that you had always wanted in the minimum possible amount of time by joining the best school in Kolkata.

Minimum Eligibility Criterion: A student looking to join Zebra School of photography be a Minimum Class 10 Pass.

The course constitutes of the following modules:

1) Basic Understanding of Photography

  • The school teaches about the basic aspects of photography
  • History of Photography
  • The school focusses on all aspects of the camera - its basic anatomy and its usage
  • Understanding Light Sources and how to use them
  • The photography school teaches about the different Light Angles
  • What is Visualisation?
  • Understanding the basic principles of design forms an important part of the photography curriculum at Zebra School.
  • What is the Perspective?
  • Different elements of Photo Composition are taught at Zebra School of Photography.

2) Advanced level Understanding of Photography

  • The school provides a basic idea of Photo Editing Software and how to use it to enhance your photography
  • The school provides a basic idea of Photo Editing Software and how to use it to enhance your photography
  • The school teaches the concept of layers
  • Usage of filters and special effects
  • Fashion Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Event Photography
  • And other lesser-known forms of Photography

3) Practicals at Zebra School of Photography

  • Creation of Portfolio
  • Participation in the annual exhibition event

One must understand that there is no dearth of career opportunities for those joining Zebra School of Photography Some of the more popular career options for the photographers are:

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Product Photographer
  • Wildlife Photographer
  • Travel Photographer
  • Photo Journalist
  • Photo bloggers
  • Event Photographer
  • And many more

For all those seeking a full-fledged career in photography, join us at Zebra School of Photography.


  • 216/2F, AJC Bose Road, 1st Floor
  • [email protected]
  • +91 916 3384 527
  • +91 824 0874 284
  • 033 4600 1421

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