Photography schools in Kolkata

Photography schools in Kolkata

Zebra Institute is a well known institute as Photography Schools in Kolkata.

Zebra institute is the best photography schools in Kolkata which offers Professional Photography courses. And we offers you best photography course. Also our Institute give practical classes in Zebra Studio . In fact if you want to be a photographer join Zebra Institute for career growth.

Zebra Institute guide you the course from beginning to advance level. Similarly our faculty will tell you the idea of the basic of photography. Likewise our faculties will tell you how to hold the camera, how to focus and  control, understand the various types of lights etc. And also tell you how to judge a object, how to shoot with models, wedding , editing, etc. Eventually, you will also get chance after completion your course. And also get chance to shoot with renowned models, brands during practical classes.

The course features of the following modules:

1) Basic of Photography

  • Zebra institute guide you the course from basic to advance level.
  • Also you will get chance to know about  camera survey, type and format.
  • most important Zebra institute will clear your concept on various types of indoor and outdoor Lights.
  • Also teaches about the various types of angles
  • Similarly our institute guides about shadow, background choosing, product shoot, portfolio, etc.
  • We guide you how to do attractive and fashionable shoot with the renowned models.
  • In the meantime we give you practical classes in our Zebra Studio and tell you how to do the basic of editing.

2) Advanced level of the course 

  • Zebra institute tell you basic idea of Photo Editing and also guide  you how to use it to build up your career.
  • Simultaneously institute will guide you about various types of Lights.
  • Tell you how to use filters and special effects.
  • Our Faculty will guide you how to do fashionable shoot.
  • In the same time will teach you how to do Product shoot.
  • Afterward faculty will tell you how to click images in nature.
  • Also tell you the tips that how to do Historical shoot.
  • Although faculty will tell you how cover the events .
  • And faculty will properly tell you the  other uncommon forms of Photography
3) Practical session at Zebra School
  • Creation of Portfolio.
  • Join in various program event.
  • On field practice in Zebra Studio.
  • Practice with renowned models from industry.
  • Cover up various renowned fashion shows.
4) The career option as photographer:
  • Fashion
  • Product
  • Event
  • Travel
  • Photo reporter
  • Photo bloggers
  • Wedding
  • And many more

Thus, Our institute is one of the best institute for photography course in Kolkata. We not only give you the knowledge but also help you to grow your career. Join us and make your lust into your career. Similarly our institute will provide you real Studio set up and practical events during the course.

For all those go after a full grown career in photography. Join us at Zebra Photography Schools in Kolkata

Zebra Institute