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Zebra Institute has been recognised as one of the most preferred Photography Training Institute in Kolkata owing to its excellent faculties, state of the art infrastructure and advanced studio setup.

Caution: This photography training course is only for serious photographers with an underlying passion for the subject of photography and not for hobbyists. This photography training course in Kolkata is only for those who think they cannot pursue photography with their mobile phone cameras.

The basic feature of the photography training course at Zebra Institute in Kolkata are:

  • Limited Students ensure individual attention is given to each and every student.
  • Communication is done in Bengali, Hindi and English.
  • The training teaches to use DSLR. Learn to master most complicated DSLR concepts with ease.
  • Learn all the aspects of Digital Photography.
  • Zebra Photography Training Institute in Kolkata gives an option of enrolling yourself at weekends or weekdays depending upon your suitability.
  • In-depth knowledge of the camera.
  • A mixture of Classroom sessions and Outdoor visits is an integral part of Photography Training course at Zebra Institute in Kolkata.
  • Clicking pictures with lighting setup at in house studio.
  • Learn advanced photography techniques with the usage of basic photography equipment.
  • Usage of photo editing software to add that "WOW" factor to your photos.
  • Interaction with expert professionals of the field.
  • Learn to experiment and innovate in the field of photography like never before.

Zebra Institute in Kolkata provides access to all the basic and advanced level of equipment as a part of the photography training course. The students get access to the different types of lenses for cameras. The students can also access to different lighting systems.

Let us list out the different course modules:

  • A basic introduction to the camera and its functions.
  • Discussing exposure
  • The concept of light and flash
  • In-depth knowledge of lenses and their uses.
  • Photography Composition
  • Outdoor practical sessions with natural lighting

There are certain prerequisites for the Photography Training course at Zebra Institute in Kolkata :

  • A DSLR with the student is a must.

There are ongoing discount schemes for groups of multiple students joining at a time. To avail such offers, you can drop in at our institute as per your convenience.


  • 216/2F, AJC Bose Road, 1st Floor
  • [email protected]
  • +91 916 3384 527
  • +91 824 0874 284
  • 033 4600 1421

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