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Can an Acting School help me get a chance in Tollywood Industry? How do I get a chance in Tollywood Industry?

Zebra Institute has a legacy of more than 15 years in the entertainment industry. We have been regularly providing manpower to Tollywood Industry in Kolkata. And now we have added a new feather to our cap. We have ventured into Acting and Modelling industry and are now one of the most renowned Acting and Modelling Schools in Kolkata. We offer diploma certifications in the acting and modelling industry. The students of this Acting institute are given recognition all over the world. There has been a tremendous increment in the need of trained actors and models with the sudden spurt in the Tollywood industry. Producing talented artists has been our forte. Students are given a real-time environment so that they can be prepared for the acting industry from Day 1. We hire trained professionals from the Tollywood industry as faculties.

We have been recognised as one of the best acting institutes in Kolkata. Our students are mentored by some great actors from Tollywood Industry. We provide a large number of practical classes to our students so as to sharpen their acting and modelling skills. Zebra Institute provides 100% placement support. The institute makes it a point to keep our students updated with the news of the upcoming auditions of different production house from Tollywood Industry as per the suitability. The institute also helps the students in personal grooming. Make your way into Tollywood Industry by studying acting at Zebra Institute.

We aim to make you look and feel special so as to help you stand out among the crowd. As they say, “Your regrets aren't what you did, but what you didn't do. So I take every opportunity”. We are committed to affordable and high-quality acting education services. We endeavour to produce competent and talented actors and models by grooming them thoroughly continuous imparting of knowledge and technical guidance so as to prepare them in the best way possible for Tollywood Industry. We make it a point to help our students improve upon their performances and quality by innovating and experimenting in different acting genres on a regular basis. The institute, driven by values has the vision to maintain top quality standards via its never tiring endeavours.


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