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Training in Photography Skills Kolkata!

Zebra Institute has been grant as one of the most preferred Training in Photography Kolkata payable to its excellent faculties, state of the art basic structure

and advanced studio setup.

Training in Photography

Details for joining the training in photography

This training in photography course is only for intense photographers. With an dream for the subject of the course and not for hobbyists. And this ph training course in Kolkata is only for those who think they cannot  continue ph with their mobile cameras. Similarly our institute give you all kind of studio experts as well as proper guidance.

The basic feature of the photography training course at Zebra Institute in Kolkata are:​

The basic feature of the course :

  • Zebra institute t guides students from basic to advance level.
  • Usually class is taken  in Bengali, Hindi and English.
  • Our faculty guide you about types of cameras, also clear the concept of format study of the camera.
  • Similarly learn all the fact of Digital ph.
  • Generally Zebra Institute held their ph classes in weekends for your suitability.
  • Consequently we teach brief t skill of the camera and its details.
  • At the same time we give indoor and outdoor practical classes.
  • Although we provide real studio setup in Zebra studio for practical session.
  • Also we give advance ph method with the usage of basic ph tools.
  • In fact we guide usage of photo editing software to add that “WOW” factor to your photos.
  • Equally give chances to talk with expert in this field.

Zebra Institute in Kolkata give all basic and advanced level of tools as a part of the ph course. And the students get to know different types of lenses for cameras. As well as they can also know different types of light experts present in the studio.

Let us list out the different course modules:

  • A basic start of the camera and its functions.
  • Discussing chances
  • The concept of light and flash
  • Depth knowledge of lenses and their uses.
  • Ph Composition
  • Also Outdoor practical class with natural lighting

Zebra Institute gives you facilities to practice on field experience and practical training in studio, Zebra Studio and also give placements after course completion.

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