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For all those seeking a successful career in field of Wedding Photography, our short term Wedding photography course at Zebra Institute in Kolkata is the best choice.

It has been a decade since the advent of wedding photography in India and since then it has become one of the trendiest career options to choose from. The demand for quality Wedding photographers in Kolkata has seen a tremendous increment due to Indian wedding getting larger every passing day. Besides, people are wanting to opt for quality storytelling wedding photography instead of traditional wedding photography. However, there are limited institutes offering wedding photography course in Kolkata. Zebra Institute in Kolkata is one of those institutes offering short term crash courses on Wedding Photography. These wedding photography courses are organised at specific times and do not happen throughout the year. We are proud to announce that we are one of the first institutes to launch wedding photography courses in Kolkata.

Feel free to drop in at our institute at your convenient timings.

This intensive wedding photography course in Kolkata at Zebra Institute introduces to the never discussed tips and tricks of the trade. For all those looking to launch yourself as a quality wedding photographer, joining this course is an ideal option.

Some of the basic highlights of the wedding photography course in Kolkata are:

  • It is a complete detailed course on Wedding Photography where we start with the fundamentals and move to the advanced level.
  • The course is a well-blended mixture of classroom and on-field session with a real couple.
  • The course encompasses all the aspects of wedding photography - understanding client's mindest and requirements, using the latest equipment and technologies, post-production etc.
  • An interactive session with a professional wedding photography expert to help you get an answer to all your question.
  • Gain an insider's view of the Wedding Photography field and how to start your operations as a freelancer in Kolkata.
  • How to become an expert in Wedding Photography and gaining the customer's trust.

Let us list the contents of the Wedding photography course at Zebra Institute in Kolkata.

  • Introduction to Wedding photography course
  • How to deal with clients and convincing them to bag the project
  • How to generate enquiries
  • How to make an album depicting a visual story using different types of equipment, post-production methods and photography.
  • How to approach a wedding shoot through a live session with a real wedding couple
  • How to understand a couple's requirements and using post-production methods to meet those requirements.
  • A full mock wedding setup is provided in Kolkata so as to help you weave the moments into a visual story.

Who should join the Wedding Photography course in Kolkata?

  • Photographers of any genres can join this course if they want to become an expert int eh field of Wedding photography.
  • Beginners in the field of wedding photography seeking to gain expertise in the field.


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