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Which is the best photography institute in kolkata that can help with placements too

For all those looking for the best photography institute in Kolkata, there's one and only one answer - Zebra Institute. It is a relatively new institute but within a very short span of time its has been able to carve a niche for itself. The institute provides quality training and good placement assistance. They have designed the curriculum so that it includes lots of live projects which ultimately helps in building the student's portfolio.

Till date, Zebra Institute has built many successful careers in the photography industry. Many of our students are working as independent photographers, freelance photographers, independent studio owners, wedding/ event photographers etc. Zebra Institute was founded with a view to help all those build their careers in photography who have a deep rooted passion for the same. We make it a point to upgrade ourselves as per the current trends in the industry so as to provide our students with the latest techniques.

At Zebra Institute, we believe in providing quality fundamental training by providing a perfect blend of theoretical and practical sessions. The curriculum has been designed in a way to help students imbibe the in-depth knowledge of the subject. We have had the privilege of teaching international students too coming from Nepal, Bangladesh etc.

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