Why choose Zebra Institute for Interior Designing?

Interior Design CourseWhy should you choose Zebra Institute for learning Interior Design?

Interior design is a vast concept with many facts and different disciplines all t different but connected to each other. It is also one of the most challenging fields. Getting into it requires polished skill sets that you can only be develop through t help of a mentor. Interior Designing is a booming career with many opportunities and rewards. Here in Zebra Institute we prepare you in such a way that you will have no difficulty surviving in the industry.

So, why not choose an already established t and highly esteemed institute with expert faculty members who will guide you through challenges t you face and make you prepared for a long and successful career. We also provide placements according to your skills and expertise.

So, how exactly does Zebra Institute prepare you for the industry?

Zebra Institute is one t leading designing institute which offers best interior design courses in Kolkata. It is also one of the most affordable courses you can enroll into. We teach you each and every necessary practical t and technical skills to ace your way through the industry. We make your design dreams come true. Since all good things take time, t duration of the course is 2 years. Just 2 years of your time and we will build a fully professional designer out of you.

Following are subjects and skills that you will learn in this interior designing course.

1st Year

In the first year you will have 2 semesters. It will be all about t introductions and basics. Students will be introduced to different aspects of designing and additional soft skills. You will also learn basic concepts of line, shape, color, texture, scale etc. Measurements and units will also be introduced. You will learn elements and principles of design  during this semester, and many more. There will be a practical  after each semester to make you more comfortable with the topics.

2nd Year

The semesters of the second year will be much more advanced. We will teach you advanced designing techniques and their application. You will get to know advanced concepts like Civil Engineering and Commercial Building planning. CAD, a designing software will also t be a part of this semester. You will learn everything from furniture, Vastu, fire fighting systems t to lighting, plumbing concepts and last but not the least, marketing. Projects and practical application will also be apart of this semester. We will evaluate t  your project and find you a placement in the industry.

Zebra Institute promises you t most advanced and detail oriented Interior Design Course in affordable conditions. We will provide you Grade A training with t help of our talented faculty members. And provide placements keeping in mind your strength and weaknesses. Check out more details about our Interior Designing Course on our site.




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