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Learn in the Best Photography Institute
“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”
Learn in the Best Modelling School
“Acting is not about famous, Acting is all about exploring the human soul”
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Learn in the Best
Photography Institute
“Taking an image, freezing a moment,
reveals how rich reality truly is.”
Learn in the
Best Modelling School
“Acting is not about famous,
Acting is all about exploring the human soul”
Makeup is art,
beauty draws with hair
“Makeup can make a woman
look more beautiful at every age.”
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Welcome to Zebra Institute ! ! !

Zebra Institute is one of the leading Photography Institute in Kolkata, Acting Institute in Kolkata, Modelling Institute in Kolkata and Anchoring Institute in Kolkata. It offers Integrated Courses in various fields like Professional Photography, Professional Anchoring, Modelling & Acting.

Our faculty members are looking forward to imparting quality education and helping you to understand fundamental concepts in a wide host of subjects. Zebra offers an influential and global position for providing business ideas and career programs of amazing quality. The institute is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. It helps in putting up student as a victorious speculator themselves in this industry of the World. We wish you a happy and productive time in the institute.

It has been once said by a great thinker – “You can only become big if you can focus.” Apply this thing to everything you do in your life – be it Photography, Acting, Modelling or Anchoring – and nothing can stop you from being successful. We have wide range of courses available in our institute at the most affordable rates with flexible timings. Our training level helps you become the best in your field. Zebra Institute is committed to provide you with the finest of what the Art of Photography, Art of Modelling, Art of Acting and Art of Anchoring has to offer.    

If you think acting or modelling or anchoring or photography is your passion, then you’re at the right place. We offer comprehensive courses with state of the art infrastructure and top class faculty to help you achieve big in your career. Zebra Institute has carved out a niche of its own in a very short span of time with a mission to offer world class training at the most affordable prices so as to enable our students to keep up with ever growing demands of the industry. We are proud to have produced unlimited success stories of our students who have been placed in the best of the companies.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Learn At One Of India’s Best Campuses!
  • We Thrive To Yield Strong Artistic And Scientific Values.
  • Our Programs Range From Basic To Advance Studies.
  • Special Workshops are arranged for different genres.
  • Outdoor And Indoor Practicals, Presentations and Demonstrations Along With Classroom Lectures Ensure Overall Growth Of Each Student.

Zebra Institute is one of the best Acting institute in Kolkata. Our acting institute in Kolkata is a group of visual story telling experts. We aim to harness upcoming and fresh talent in the field of acting and modelling. This acting institute in Kolkata is a home to one of the best faculties and learning resources in the industry. The institute is well equipped with state of the art infrastructure and offers different kinds of courses like – Performing Arts, Film Making, Acting, Young Actors, Supporting Arts etc. 


This acting institute in Kolkata is recognized as a premium institute in the city. We want to be known as an acting institute that inspires learning, discovery, creativity, innovation and as an institute that drives students to transform the world of entertainment for the betterment of industry.


As one of the best Acting institute in Kolkata, our mission is to offer national level education supported by the best possible infrastructure to produce the highest quality talent.

  • Core values:
  • 1) Developing content that ensures customer's delight.
  • 2) Our love for what we do makes us the best Acting institute in Kolkata.
  • 3) We conduct our business with 100% integrity.
  • 4) Our acting institute respects each and every member of the team and works together to bring out nothing but the best.
  • 5) Excellence is the motto of our acting institute in Kolkata. We aim to continuously improvise ourselves.

The word ‘Zebra’ reminds you that you should embrace your differences. You must understand that things are never as simple as black or white and that everything must find balance in the world.
Thus, we here at Zebra Institute, want people to find balance in their choices for career along with pursuing your desires, your dreams. Whether it is, Acting/Modelling/Photography/Anchoring, these career choices are passion for many as it brings out the artist from within them. A human mind is beautifully creative, so you just need to understand your passion and bring out the creative artist from within. We help you in visualizing your dreams, carving a path towards it and putting your talent on display. Don’t stop dreaming because without leaps of imagination/dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. To predict a better future, to live the life, you have imagined, you need to create it. After all, Dreaming is part of planning. So people come forward, it’s now or never to pursue your dreams/passion.

  • Why join Zebra?
  • • Centrally Located and easy to reach.
  • • Classes conducted by Trainers with rich experience in their respective fields.
  • • Entails theoretical guidance backed by practical training in Studio environment.
  • • Special attention and focus on each candidate.
  • • Counselling and overall personality grooming.
  • • Will get Professional portfolio making.
  • • To enhance your skills with flexi-timelines.
  • • Introduction to industry people and will get opportunities.
  • Our Motto- The Only Failure is Not to Try.
  • Acting School / Tollywood Acting School
  • Zebra Institute is a blooming institute which is nurturing fresh talent of all ages. We believe that starting a career that relates to your passion can be started anytime, you just need to realize and believe in yourself and in your dreams.
  • Acting is about living up a story by adopting the character, one enacts as an actor/actress. Be it through any medium- theatre, television, film, radio or advertisements. You breathe life into the character as the audience gets reminded of times – past and forgotten, the current pain they are undergoing or gives a glimpse of a possible future. An actor needs to have these qualities- understanding human behavior, intelligence, confidence, hard work, highly imaginative, energy and charisma. At Zebra, we help you grow and nourish your qualities. Come forth and enjoy the process of creating yourself as an actor/actress under our umbrella!!

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  • 216/2F, AJC Bose Road, 1st Floor
  • [email protected]
  • +91 916 3384 527
  • +91 824 0874 284
  • 033 4600 1421

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