Product Photography in Kolkata

Whats is the content of Product Photography ? The outline of Product Photography is as follows : The Shadow (Practical). Importance of Background and Background choosing (Practical). Use of Props (Practical). Still Life & Product Shoot (Practical). Glass Material Shoot (Practical). Stainless Steel & Other Metal Shoot (Practical). Jewellery & Cosmetic Jewellery Shoot (Practical). Cosmetics …

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Professional Model ?

Facebook Instagram Youtube Home / Blog What does it take to be a Professional Model? (1) To become a successful professional model, one must have the requisite talent and a smart and confident personality. (2) A professional model must be camera friendly. Professional models work in tandem with their respective art directors and photographers. (3) …

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Basic of Photography

Basic of Photography What is in Basic of Photograpy or How to operated a DSLR  The following is the outline for it as follows : Principles of Photography. Camera : Anatomy, Type and Format. Lens : Anatomy, Type. Camera Control & Focusing. Exposure : Shutter speed – Aperture – ISO relationship. White Balance. Understanding Light …

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