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Month: December 2019

Acting Institute in Kolkata | Promising Career as an Actor

Big Classrooms Fully Air-Conditioned Classrooms Well Maintained Classrooms Regular Outdoor Shooting Live Acting Soundproof Studios and Recording areas Advanced lighting Gears Advanced filming equipments Latest Software systems Full fledged film, audio and book library Zebra Institute is a home to the finest of the faculties and the best learning resources in the industry since it …

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Product Photography in Kolkata

Whats is the content of Product Photography ? The outline of Product Photography is as follows : The Shadow (Practical). Importance of Background and Background choosing (Practical). Use of Props (Practical). Still Life & Product Shoot (Practical). Glass Material Shoot (Practical). Stainless Steel & Other Metal Shoot (Practical). Jewellery & Cosmetic Jewellery Shoot (Practical). Cosmetics …

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Professional Model ?

Facebook Instagram Youtube Home / Blog What does it take to be a Professional Model? (1) To become a successful professional model, one must have the requisite talent and a smart and confident personality. (2) A professional model must be camera friendly. Professional models work in tandem with their respective art directors and photographers. (3) …

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Basic of Photography

Basic of Photography What is in Basic of Photograpy or How to operated a DSLR  The following is the outline for it as follows : Principles of Photography. Camera : Anatomy, Type and Format. Lens : Anatomy, Type. Camera Control & Focusing. Exposure : Shutter speed – Aperture – ISO relationship. White Balance. Understanding Light …

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